The “Invisible Load” is VERY Visible to Women!

There are always buzz terms. The latest, “invisible load” is used to describe the 85,000 things women do in a day. When I first heard it, it was not a relief or aha moment. I already knew that I was knee-deep. My girlfriends were knee-deep. There was a diagnosis, now what? Empathy is great, but […]

What is UnNesting

What is UnNesting?  “UnNesting” came from an inside joke. I love my family and loved my career as a professor. In the span of ten years, we had four children. I was pregnant or nursing a whole, tiny human for nearly a decade. Instead of nesting and becoming meticulous to make everything perfect for our […]

F.E.A.R: Face Everything Assessing the Risk

Is fear inherited? NO Like many things, early on, we get a blueprint from those around us. What behaviors were fear based that loved ones inadvertently passed to you? Being over analytical, slow to move, overthinking, planning a backup plan for your back up plan, and freezing can hinder us. Simply put, in most cases, […]

The Mommy Friendship Graveyard

Why are moms finding motherhood so lonely? There’s nothing like trying to meet goals, have a thriving family, and glowing skin all while maintaining intimate friendships. I do not recall any book or mom pep talk mentioning isolation during pregnancy and parenting. However, once I expressed how claustrophobic I felt, the floodgates opened! It was […]

Parenting: When it All Feels Like Too Much

Parenting is undoubtedly hard. As we know, parents feel overwhelmed with not enough time and too many responsibilities. It is difficult to find a balance between their work, home, and personal lives. So, many parents go and “parent” their hearts out trying to provide: emotional and financial stability children that feel safe and loved allowing […]