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The “Invisible Load” is VERY Visible to Women!

There are always buzz terms. The latest, “invisible load” is used to describe the 85,000 things women do in a day. When I first heard it, it was not a relief or aha moment. I already knew that I was knee-deep. My girlfriends were knee-deep. There was a diagnosis, now what? Empathy is great, but solutions are better. The phrase “invisible
load” means the tasks that are expected of women are not seen as work. Women are constantly doing things for others without getting much recognition for it. These invisible tasks take up a lot of time and energy. This is both exhausting and frustrating for women. There is this expectation without appreciation. Mothers are uniquely burdened with this invisible load because they balance taking care of their own children, their partners (major side-eye), and often other people in the household. Women who stay-at-home with their children have an even heavier burden when it comes to the invisible load, increased isolation and loneliness.

For example, four years ago, we were expecting our fourth child. I was 37 weeks pregnant, driving between two campuses an hour away. Yet, I was prepping breakfast and lunch, ironing clothes, keeping mental notes for appointments, a list of what household supplies were low, bookkeeping, answering texts to locate regularly used
items that apparently only I knew the location, hair appointments, teacher communication, homework, extracurricular activities, family birthdays, nursing kids’ physical and emotional wounds, playing referee, family calendars, forever cleaning up something, and preparing for baby. All of this while I tried to eat healthily, work out, and sleep well from time to time. It felt just as exhausting as this list is meant to feel in order to convey the invisible load! I had nothing left to give, nothing! I would just tiptoe and pray to the Bedtime God that they would go to bed. So I could have a moment to myself, even if only for thirty minutes. I knew if I wanted to be less of a taskmaster, get
my needs met, and accomplish my goals that I needed a shift. That was the aha moment! It propelled the changes I needed to make to feel fulfilled, motivated, and take a series of actions. Many women’s responsibilities are undervalued and unacknowledged. Women are doing more than their fair share. People often talk about how much work mothers do when it comes to taking care of their families, but rarely do they ever think about how much fewer workmen and partners sometimes contribute in this arena. For many women, this hidden load is not only their responsibility, but the weight is crippling. It isn’t a thankless job as women can still find success in this situation. It is, however; a 24/7 perpetual cycle of mental and physical exhaustion. The burden, stress, and exhaustion that women often feel is something that they are angry about and simply “over it.” Women’s work is valuable. I want women to celebrate themselves every day. I want women to put themselves first. Did you just ask yourself, “How do I do that?!” It is possible to feel connected and successful without sacrificing time, peace or shrinking. I specialize in helping the requests and requirements not take centre stage. You are doing your best. Together, I guide mindset shifts and develop a new way to show up for yourself and others. It will make your day lighter and keep more of your action items on the list. Most importantly, I aid in keeping momentum towards your goals. Our work will reduce overload, master mindset, and align intentions to obtain clarity, confidence, and courage. Rest and peace for your soul will not feel fleeting. It is what you wholeheartedly deserve. Go get it.

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