Meet Damara

I am Damara, a Life and Leadership Coach. I am a wife, mother of four, friend, who loves family, exercise, laughter, and apparently singing off-key. My degrees are in sociology and education. This further enhanced my ability to understand, see, validate, and help others. I spent over a decade as an educator and professor. As my family grew, there were new experiences. There were joys, success, and accolades. There were also times that were overwhelming. I knew there was a growing, vocal sentiment that the invisible load was exhausting. I also knew that I could utilize my skillset to help others.

I transitioned from the classroom to coaching. UnNesting Mom was born! Life sent so many opportunities to create custom programs to aid individuals in resetting, making life shifts, changing behaviors, and reaching goals. My background knowledge served as a foundation for my new season and second career. I help shift mindset, align intentions, and drive behavior to make even the crazy, big dreams a reality!

I furthered my expertise with certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Health & Wellness Coach, Yoga Life Coach, and Meditation Facilitator. I did the work to UnNest my life. I create winning strategies to help others move past fear, manage time, and self-doubt in order to invest in themselves. My heart and soul is aiding women to reduce the overload and find harmony through coaching, accountability, and wellness services. In addition, I work with businesses and entrepreneurs to understand, empathize, and curate a work environment where employees thrive not survive within their professional roles. I am the Empowerment Alignment Agent that wants you to grant yourself  permission and go for it!