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F.E.A.R: Face Everything Assessing the Risk

Is fear inherited? NO Like many things, early on, we get a blueprint from those around us. What behaviors were fear based that loved ones inadvertently passed to you? Being over analytical, slow to move, overthinking, planning a backup plan for your back up plan, and freezing can hinder us. Simply put, in most cases, it doesn’t take months, years, or being the best of the best to start. The cycle: thoughts become your words, words become your intentions, intentions become your behavior, behavior teaches yourself as well as others what to expect. It is time to not give fear another inch of space to stop you. Fear can stop us in our tracks. That is not the purpose of this type of fear. Fear is a natural body response to gain our attention. Use fear to assess risks. Fear is meant to propel us by allowing us think time to choose the best avenue for the best results. Take the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons. Then do the thing with courage and confidence as your intuition has confirmed alignment with your choices, goals, passions, purpose.

UnNesting Tips:

• Align actions with goals to get what you expect

• Start expecting to see your aligned goals

• Stay connected to your purpose
• Protect your heart, mindset, and goals

• Connect to folks with good energy
• Write your plans down


These tips will make fear less paralyzing. What I am suggesting is no “easy” work. I want to acknowledge this fact. However, the work will get your light to shine brighter. It is sometimes heavy, bringing up the past, failures, and pain. It may feel very “easier said than done.” Let’s also acknowledge that your strength and vitality are also imprinted in the past. You do not have to sit with it. Find release: therapy, journaling, self-help activities, and a life coach are few ways. I love what I do and can help.

Together, we create a 1:1 sacred and safe space to explore your mindset and its relationship with choices. Passion filled… enjoying the growing process. Let me teach you winning strategies to do the work from the inside out to change mindset, empower, and transform. Reach your dreams and live a more joyous life.

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