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What is UnNesting

What is UnNesting? 

“UnNesting” came from an inside joke. I love my family and loved my career as a professor. In the span of ten years, we had four children. I was pregnant or nursing a whole, tiny human for nearly a decade. Instead of nesting and becoming meticulous to make everything perfect for our last baby, I paused. The hubby goes, “You aren’t nesting, you are unnesting.” He was right! I was done with the pressures from work, roles, self-induced, and societal norms. I literally had reached a wall layered with brinks of frustration, expectations, and exhaustion.

There is an aspect of life especially as a woman that is not discussed: The Invisible Load. The daily demands from even the roles you enjoy and thrive can add weight. I was using much of my brainpower to keep up with everyone’s needs and barely my own. The day-to-day responsibilities were all too many, too heavy, and too tiring. Doing it all and being all things is for the birds! Oftentimes, relationship roles are imbalanced. This can lead to putting your personal goals on ice. So many women that I have met share similar sentiments. It is important to show up for ourselves and prioritize our needs. 

When Do I Go For It? When?!

I stopped looking at all the reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t. There was ALWAYS something to do…professionally…a kid activity…dinner…chasing my pre-baby body all while being perpetually depleted. I kept saying once kid #3 was in school. Then, bam came kid #4. Ha! The one thing we cannot regain is time. It is our most valuable commodity. My defining moment, a quiet soul decision: I am not leaving this world without using my talents and gifts to help others.

So now, I help find ways to boost mindset, give grace and permission to release. You do not have to do it all, be all things, and remain overwhelmed in silence. 

It is okay to reprioritize and let some of the burdens go. It is possible to flourish and reach goals. It is vital that our roles and lives don’t feel overwhelmingly daunting. I value and believe that our passions and purpose will make room for us. Our gifts are a part of our story. Let’s do the work together to remove doubt, master mindset, align intentions to obtain clarity, confidence, and courage. 

UnNesting is saying, ‘NO” while aligning mindset with goals. Do you make yourself a priority? Click the link to learn more. 


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